Something from the past. About 15 years ago I got interested in eSports or professional competitive computer gaming. This interest resulted in a research paper entitled “On the Scientific Relevance of eSports” which I published in a peer reviewed but nevertheless slightly obscure Computer Science Conference in Las Vegas in 2006.

It turns out that this paper is the first ever published research article on eSports. For about a decade it remained completely unnoticed. This changed suddenly when eSports became a topic of broader academic interest a couple of years ago. Researchgate currently shows 56,150 reads with about 500 new reads every week. When I wrote the article I had a certain feeling that it might generate interest. What I did not expect was that it took more than a decade for that to happen.

I am no longer actively involved in eSports research, but I do have some historic knowledge about how it all started. So, if you are interested in picking my brain, drop me a note.