In the third part of my Ambisonics tutorial I used an application called MenuBUS as a plugin host to run the Waves NX Ambisonics decoder outside of Ableton. MenuBUS was an absolutely brilliant application. However, as these things sometimes go, the MenuBUS developer took a job with Roque Amoeba (who, coincidentally, are the developers of the Loopback application I used in the fourth part of the tutorial) and decided to take MenuBUS off the market.

If you do not have MenuBUS or it no longer works on your system you therefore need to replace it with a different plugin host. The application that I am using now is called LiveProfessor by Audiostrom. In contrast to MenuBUS it is not a menubar application and needs to be started manually each time you want to use it, but otherwise it works just as well.

In order to set it up, all you need to do is create a chain in LiveProfessor that takes in the first 4 of the 16 audio channels from the LoopBack device I describe in part four of the tutorial, load the Waves NX Ambisonics plugin into that chain and route it to the main output.

The image above shows how my current setup looks in LiveProfessor. This setup includes a total of 18 input channels, the first 16 being the 3rd order Ambisonics audio signal coming out of Ableton, and the remaining two channels being the additional head locked stereo signal I used for creating Facebook 360 audio that combines spatialized and head locked audio.